Our feet form our foundation, and they support our entire body. When we experience repetitive and excessive forces through our feet, this can lead to pain. As Podiatrists, we recognise these damaging forces, and work to alleviate your pain and suffering by correcting your foot’s posture.

There are different ways we can correct your foot’s posture and reduce excessive pressures. At TDP, we will assess the best approach to achieve this. We may offer padding or wedging, or you may benefit from orthotic therapy.

At TDP, we prescribe a range of orthotic therapy that is custom suited to your individual needs.

We stock Prefabricated orthotics that can be modified and tweaked by our podiatrists to relieve your symptoms.


Semi-custom orthotics are one step up from prefabricated orthotics. They are designed and manufactured at a laboratory in Melbourne, Victoria, using the same techniques and materials as custom made devices. Your foot is measured and the style of device is prescribed according to your needs. These are a more generic style, and as such are a more cost effective option if appropriate to your needs.

Custom orthotics are orthopaedic devices designed to treat or adjust various structural and functional biomechanical disorders that affect the lower limb.
They are manufactured on an individual client’s needs. A 3-dimensional scan is taken of the foot, and appropriate contouring can be prescribed to achieve optimal comfort. Custom Orthotics are the highest level of orthotics available and will usually arrive at the best results.

To ensure you are fitted with the most suitable device for you, please seek the expertise from one of our Podiatrists at TDP.